Reading Your Cancer Season Is Here. What Does That Mean?

Well, it is officially Cancer Season is here and in full swing as of June 21! This time around, we have been seeing many experts claim that this season is going to be quite the emotional one and can definitely impact personal confidence in many ways. Why is that you ask? It’s because during this season of Cancer, Mercury is also in retrograde, says and senior astrologist Narayana Montúfar. Montúfar says that this year, the energy of Cancer season will be three times more pronounced than usual. Now that is crazy!

So what does this mean, exactly?

We have done our research and there are a few takes that this could go, honestly. We have seen reports that this season can seriously bolster up your self-confidence. It’s the season to truly feel wonderful in the skin you have (which we feel like you should already be doing!). This is the time for you to truly see, on a deeper level, the strengths that you as a person have and to capitalize on them. 

On the other front, this is a great time to notice areas where we are lacking on a spiritual level. Do you find yourself struggling with inner conflicts at moments and find it hard to find peace of mind with everyday chaos that may occur? Now may be your time to take a seat, practice gaining that inner peace through means such as meditation, and gain more footing.

How is it going to be emotional?

Other reports, such as an incredible blog by Refinery29, say that this season may bring up some past emotions and present a sizable amount of nostalgia. Refinery29 states “The key during this year's Cancer season is to remain calm and balanced, and to prioritize self-care and a positive attitude. The world is shifting and changing — but ultimately, it will be for the better.” If you’re interested to learn more about their take, check it out here, we highly suggest it.

What we think

Another season gone and another season has come, this time it is Cancer Season. Each one presents itself with more obstacles and challenges that you will overcome. You have before and you will again. Find yourself centered through meditation and take a moment to breathe in trying times. Take this season to gain that confidence and tackle these challenges head-on.

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